Here PARTICIPANTS (see list below) may put some information about themselves; research you are involved in, topics that interest you, papers (by yourself or others) that you would like to share…

To do this please contact:  f.oneill<at>  putting AUTUMNSCHOOL in the subject line.

Suggested format for information as a word document :

  • Name & email address   [& do provide a low kilobyte photo if you wish].
  • Primary Institution & Position; Secondary institution & position, …
  • Research you are involved in, or have been involved in.
  • Your Publications of interest to the group (with necessary permissions if web linked).
  • Publication by other authors (with their permission & with necessary permissions if web linked).
  • Other academic interests you would like to share.

Alphabetical List of Heidelberg Autumn School Participants 2011

Svetlana Bardina – Moscow State University

Claudia Bergomi – University of Bern

Cristina M. da Costa – Hospital Júlio de Matos

Daria Dibitonto – University of Piemonte Oriental

Irena Domachowska – Free University, Amsterdam

Steven M. Fowler – University of Graz

Leonor Irarrázaval – University of Chile

Carolina Jimenes – University of Barcelona

Andrzej Kapusta – Marie Curie-Sklodowska University ,

Luís A.P.D. Madeira – University of Lisbon

Teodor Negru – Al. I. Cuza University of Lasi

Arvid Neumann – Free University Berlin

Daniel Nischk – Centre for Psychiatry Reichenau

Katharina Ohrnberger – Maastricht University

Fiona K. O’Neill – Lancaster University

Kirsten Pols – Utrecht University

Wim Pouw – University of Amsterdam

Päivi Pylvänäinen – University of Jyvaskyl

Michael Sienhold – Frankfurt

Michela Summa – University of Heidelberg

Jan Verhaegh – Maastricht U

Sophia C. Weißgerber Free University, Amsterdam

Smadar Bustan – University of Luxembourg

Álvaro Múzquiz Jiménez – Universidad Complutense de Madrid