We hereby invite young researchers working with embodied and embedded approaches in their respective fields to apply for the autumn school.

There is no participation fee and lunch and diner will be provided for.

Please note that participants have to arrange and pay for accommodation and travel themselves.

The deadline for registration is: 29 August 2011
Participants are invited to prepare a short commentary on one of the lectures. Please indicate in your motivation which lecture you would like to comment on. In order to stimulate interdisciplinary discussion we encourage you to choose a topic outside your own field of specialisation.


To register, please send an email to:


Please follow the instructions bellow in order to register as a participant to the Autumn School “Embodied and Embedded Approaches to the Self in Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine”. Note that we only have 30 places available for the Autumn School and a selection of attendees will be made; registration is not automatic, you will have to wait for an official email as a registration confirmation.

IMPORTANT: The selection of participants in the Autumn School will be based on the information you provide in your email. Please be concise and provide the following information in order (copy and paste the structure below and rewrite the content of each section, please keep the section title with capital letters):



STATUS: Masters student, PhD student, postdoc, researcher, lecturer, professor or whatever applies.

AFFILIATION: University, institute, company or otherwise.

SELECTED LIST OF PUBLICATIONS: maximum of 3, if applicable

SHORT SUMMARY OF MOTIVATION: briefly (300 words max.) state your motivation to attend the Autumn School. Please also add which lecture you would like to comment on.

SPECIAL NEEDS/CONDITIONS: e.g. vegetarian, ...